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The end without an end

(a thinking-in-public post) So I sat up until 2am because I couldn’t stop editing. And then I had to stop editing because the draft ended. What I’ve got would be almost good enough to send to beta readers –I need to rename one character– if it didn’t end at that point. In the middle of

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Two scenes

Tempted as I am to do a chapter-by-chapter readalong of The Fire Rose, I know I’m likely to run out of steam before the end so I won’t. Especially as both scenes I want to highlight by way of synecdoche (see! I know what the word means now!) are near the end. Warning: spoilers. Knowing

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What I did at Worldcon: Saturday

First thing at breakfast I got some lingonberry juice on my dress. Fortunately it was a red dress (my ordinary red dress, not yesterday’s velvet), so it didn’t show. Later, at the station, we saw a door that was pretending to be the other gender. Disclaimer: we don’t know what genders doors can be. (And

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