Hello world!

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I’m leaving in the title because it seems appropriate.

(This is also a post to avoid having the very first post on a new blog be about St Mary of Egypt. Expect some Mary of Egypt ranting soon.)

I’ve wanted to experiment with WordPress for my blog for a long time, and setting up a new server made this possible– the old one’s system was too obsolete to install working mysql and php on. So here goes. I’ll be doing a lot of experimenting, so the appearance and functionality of the blog are likely to change without notice.

ETA: well, I’m actually quite satisfied with the current look and feel, so I’ll keep the experimenting for when I get tired of it. Quite a contrast with my previous minimalist blog, though. I could perhaps make the same look, though not the same innards, by hand, but for now I don’t feel like reinventing the wheel.

It’s the third age of Found Objects. The second age is here [ETA 2018: no longer; that server doesn’t exist any more]. You probably come from there, because I’ve announced the move, so you might update your links and RSS feed.

The first age is currently in a folder in my “to sort” folder. This was what I called a non-blog, because I waited every time until I had something in each category and then posted a whole static page. I overwrote the index file by mistake once, so I’ll have to do something about that before I can make it available. Other things come first.

  1. Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho

    WordPress is nice, but it needs periodic maintenance.

  2. Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho

    Nice that there’s a comment notification feature, but it doesn’t seem to offer subscriptions without commenting (which is a problem when one realises one wishes to subscribe after commenting).

    • Irina

      Doesn’t the “subscribe by email” widget do that? I haven’t tried to subscribe myself (or register for that matter) so I haven’t a clue, really. (And apropos of maintenance, this blog is a toy, so maintenance is a game)

    • Zeborah

      There’s RSS feeds for all comments and for comments-by-post up in the head links.

      What I’d really like would be if the full post came through RSS instead of just a snippet which means I have to do and extra click and wait for load to read it, but Irina may have set it this way on purpose.

      • Irina

        I did indeed set it that way on purpose, because I tend to write long posts and I thought people wouldn’t appreciate it. But one person who speaks up counts more than two dozen I can only guess at, so I’m unsetting it immediately.

        • Zeborah

          Thank you! I think people following by RSS have extra options, whether choosing to open in another window or marking as unread for later or whatever so I can’t think of any adverse effects for readers. (And if I’m wrong, the change will be their chance to speak up. 🙂 )

  3. Elizabeth

    This is an elegant layout.

    I like reading your swimming log. Our outdoor pool was closed for safety reasons in 2008; we just voted to build a new one, which won’t be ready until 2013. And even then, to get there I’d have to bike/drive past the indoor pool and go twice as far, so I’ll probably stay indoors.

    • Irina

      Thanks @Elizabeth! When I was trying out different themes I stumbled on this one and liked it too much to experiment further.

      As for the swimming log, would you prefer last-on-top for easier reading as the end of the month approaches? In any case when April ends I’ll make a new page for May (and so on), so one never has to scroll through more than one month.

  4. Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho

    So far as I can tell, one can subscribe to comments only when commenting, it does not seem to be possible to do that without sending a comment.

    I am aware of comment RSS feeds, but I have found them less handy than email subscriptions on the many WordPress blogs I read.

    Hmm. Is there a particular reason why the comments are in reverse order of posting?

    • Irina

      Can’t do anything about the “subscribing to comments without commenting” problem, at least not without extensive hacking and/or searching for helper plugins. One of the points of switching to WordPress was that after years of inventing wheels with Blosxom I wanted to have a rest from that, and use something that just worked.

      If it’s a problem for anyone, just post a comment to the effect of “this is only to subscribe, please delete this” and I’ll delete it.

      Is there a particular reason why the comments are in reverse order of posting?

      That’s a temporary provision for the discussion on the “God, Marcion, Dawkins” post because we were having trouble with threaded comments (indents got too awkward) and I don’t want people to have to scroll to the very end to find the latest comments. I’ll put it back the old way when that discussion ends– I thought it already had but people still seem to be commenting sort of regularly.