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Imagine a giant bag of sweets (candy if you’re from the United States).

You know that one or two of the sweets are to die for; some are nice; many are mediocre; some are outright nasty; some could be delicious or so-so or horrible depending on the filling, which you can’t tell from the outside. There’s a lot more in the bag that you know nothing whatsoever about.

Imagine that if you want the one or two truly excellent sweets, you have to buy the whole giant bag, you can’t give any of it away, and there’s no way to escape eating at least part of the rest.

See, that’s why we don’t have a TV.

  1. Adrian Morgan

    How many channels do you have over there, roughly? The default set, not counting extra channels you have to pay extra for. Also, not counting channels that are essentially duplicates of other channels.

    Not so long ago in Australia, we had about five. Now we have about fifteen. Yesterday I consumed an hour and a half of delicious sweets, tonight I see nothing at all that interests me, and tomorrow I see a little more than an hour of irresistable sweets plus some more that are perfectly resistable but also quite pleasant if I’m hungry.

    To my mind, this bag of sweets is about the right size.

    • Irina

      Honestly, I don’t know; we haven’t had a TV for about ten years now. But whenever we’re in a holiday house (usually in Germany) or a hotel, we turn it on and if we’re lucky we have a good mystery, but it’s mostly noise and/or drivel.


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