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A file in my ~/writing/stories folder named “thing”. It contains little snippets that I want to fit in somewhere but haven’t managed to find a place for yet. I won’t quote it in full (most of it is boring and/or already lives in an unfinished story) but I do want to share this:

if someone’s answer to “do you admit to bashing your husband’s head in with a hammer?” is “no, it was a pair of combination pliers actually” you can be reasonably sure that she’s guilty.

I seem to recall that this file also used to contain “Emma was sitting at the breakfast table, feeding her cold” but that’s not in it any more, nor is it in a story. I’ll put it back in. On the other hand “She had a little dragon that managed to keep out of sight by looking like a fat orange tomcat most of the time” is in a story, which I should edit, because it’s too long and convoluted right now but the concept and setting are okay (alternate-history 1960s, in which witchcraft is sort of normal, and all of Germany –in fact most of Europe– is a loose federation of little kingdoms and duchies and principalities because Bismarck was assassinated before he could unite Germany).

The things one finds when unable to write. In fact at this very moment I’m unable to write because I need something I discussed with my writing buddy on IRC, and I saved it but can’t get at the file right now because it’s being copied to a backup disk together with all the rest of my stuff, while I’m tinkering with the space opera story on a borrowed laptop.


  1. Felix

    Ah, those little tidbits that never quite came to life… I have a folder full of them too. Only once did I manage to turn one into a vignette, but that in turn spawned two cyberpunk stories, so.

    On the other hand, several of my stories contain rants on various topics that can be easily understood out of context, and of which I’m quite proud; those I’d like to collect in one place, but I’m not sure where best to put it afterwards.

  2. Irina

    In fact the backup is done and I retrieved the file I needed, and there was even more useful material in it than I thought there would be! But it needs a lot of thinking before I can actually write it; sleep on it, then swim on it.


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