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Thank you for writing for me! I’ll do my best to make it easier, but please feel free to ignore my prompts if you have a different fun idea. FYI I’m sinkauli on ao3.

(observant readers will notice that parts of this post have been lifted literally from last year’s)

1. Lord Peter Wimsey/Miss Marple/Poirot/Murder She Wrote/Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
  • This combination more or less asks for a cozy detective story that may or may not be set in Australia! But anything else is fair game too. I know not having adultery as a motive is hard for Jessica Fletcher, and probably also for Phryne Fisher, but it is a hard DNW.

DNW for this crossover: any shipping or sex at all. And please see the general likes and DNWs as well.

2. Chronicles of Narnia/The Great Mouse Detective/The Rescuers

ALL (well, most of, I don’t know the others well enough) THE ADVENTUROUS MICE!

  • When Reepicheep sailed to the utter East, did he find a portal to our world, or at least the world where Basil of Baker Street and/or Bernard-and-Bianca exist?
  • Do Bernard and Bianca know about Basil and Dawson and perhaps ask them for advice or assistance? Casefic is good, or just hanging out as friends talking about their adventures.

Some Bernard/Bianca, Basil/Dawson and/or Reepicheep/Original Any Gender Mouse Character romance is okay, but no smut please.

3. Discworld (Witches Series)/The Goblin Emperor/Enchanted Forest Chronicles/Everything Everywhere All At Once/Elemental Masters
  • Anything with one or more witches/mazei/magicians finding themselves in one of the other worlds and dealing with the local magic/headology/Gifts would be awesome! (And any other nifty combination of the above would also be awesome)
4. Kate and Cecelia/Enchanted Forest Chronicles/Howl Series/Derkholm Series
  • Much scope for enchantresses getting together, each bringing her own competence and expertise.
  • What if Elda ends up in the Enchanted Forest somehow and meets dragons or Morwen’s cats?
5. Young Wizards/Miss Marple/Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries/Matilda
  • Anyone can be a wizard, right? Why not Miss Marple or Miss Fisher or someone from either one’s circle? Or Matilda or Miss Honey or both?
  • There’s this tiny little girl on Miss Marple’s doorstep, asking intelligent questions…

General likes:

  • Happy ending, or open(ish) ending with possibility for happiness. Lots of bonus points for other happy endings than “people getting together as a couple”.
  • Unexpected, uncomplicated friendship. Complicated friendship will do too, I like any story with friendship better than one with only antagonism, but I’m a sucker for people becoming friends when they’re doing something together or turn out to have something in common which neither of them would have planned for. Friends-to-lovers is okay but it’s a pity if that’s the whole point of the story.
  • Autistic characters (canon or headcanon) who either come to terms with being autistic in the story, or have already figured it out and can handle it. Bonus points if they use their autistic traits to get things done. In general, disabled characters who work around or with their disability.
  • Kidfic: canon characters’ kids, canon characters when they were kids, original canon-compliant child characters.
  • Discovery, detection. Characters finding out things about themselves when they do something they didn’t know they could do. Learning, mentoring.

General DNWs:

  • Enemies-to-lovers. Rape, non-con. Casual sex without friendship. Seduction for any other reason than that one person is in love with the other and is trying to get it across to them elegantly.
  • Adultery, infidelity (polyamory is okay but I don’t really prefer it). Contradicting, ignoring or breaking up canonical pairings for a ship. Incest. PWP. For this exchange no smut please, on the whole I’d much rather have gen anyway.
  • Bigotry of any kind, unless fighting against it is a plot point. That includes homophobia, TERFness and other transphobia, sexism, racism, ableism, ageism and anything I’ve forgotten.
  • Pathological/medical view of autism or other neurodivergence, portraying it as something that needs to be fixed rather than as a characteristic of the person.
  • Plague, pandemic, climate catastrophe, postapocalyptic anything.
  • Disability as punishment, teaching-a-lesson or inspiration porn. Just let disabled people be people!
  • Discussions of disordered eating or weight (it’s completely okay if someone’s body type is part of the description, like mentioning that the person has dark skin or blue eyes or wears glasses or uses a wheelchair, but no fat-shaming or other judgmental language about weight please).
  • Real-world current affairs or politics. (Period or fantasy-world politics = okay!)
  • Pranks, practical jokes, humiliating characters for the sake of it.
  • Unhappy endings, unresolved tragedy.
  • Gore, body horror (all horror in fact, but body horror is the worst), mutilation, monstrous pregnancy, cannibalism et cetera. Mpreg, which is a species of body horror in my book. (Ordinary pregnancy and childbirth is okay.)

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