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Hi, I’m sinkauli, and I’m so glad that you’re writing for me! I’m fairly easy to please, but do refer to my Great Likes and Dislikes Master Post.

I don’t insist on all characters in the request: please write one or more as the story requires.

Also, I like Disney films or I wouldn’t be in this exchange, but I don’t need the pervasive heteronormativity, typically-American moralizing tone, or dumbing-down of classic stories that many of them tend to have in greater or lesser degree.

The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

Characters: Toby, Olivia Flaversham, Basil, David Q Dawson. (Also Olivia’s father, who I forgot to nominate.)

Prompts: The movie is already perfect so what I’d like most is post-canon casefic in which Olivia can show her mettle, perhaps as an unofficial assistant. Or some more Basil/Dawson interaction. No sex, please, we’re British firmly in gen territory here. (Which doesn’t mean that Basil and Dawson can’t love each other, because clearly they do.)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Characters: Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Eddie Valiant, Dolores

Prompts: MORE TOON SHENANIGANS PLEASE. Go wild with the tropes! Pranks and practical jokes are actually okay (though humiliation is still out). Bad things happening to toons that they can and do recover from in a toonish way doesn’t count as horror.

Fantasia (1940)

I entered “Worldbuilding” for characters, but what I’d love for this is one or more additional pieces of music (with a link, if you can’t include it for copyright reasons) and a description of the scene that goes with it. Somewhat like this: Fantasia 2020 (but it doesn’t have to be that detailed or extensive).

I’ve dropped most of my DNWs for this as they’re probably irrelevant. It can be eerie but please keep it fluffy!

Robin Hood (1973)

Character: Lady Cluck (the only one nominated and I’m perfectly okay with that; don’t hesitate to bring in anyone else who wants in, of course)

Prompts: I love down-to-earthness and sensible domesticity. And women being awesome, which Lady Cluck is perfectly capable of.


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