'living energy', the stuff the ethereal body is made of. Usually perceived as white and semi-translucent. Animals, being alive and sentient, are made of hayen and anea. Anea is the natural state of energy.
'spirit', a person's ethereal body. Your anie makes you someone, a sentient being.
'mind', literally 'things of the spirit'
to think (contemplation rather than reason), to meditate; to find out by contemplation or intuition, 'to grok'
'living matter', the stuff the physical body is made of while it is alive. When it is perceived with the mind's eye rather than the eyes of the body, it's usually seen as grey and opaque. Plants, being alive and non-sentient, are made only of hayen. Note that hayen and sein are mutually exclusive, something is either "made of thing" or not. It takes maintenance --having a spirit, for instance, will do it-- to keep living matter alive.
'body', a person's physical body. Your haysen makes you alive, something other than a thing.
'inert energy', 'force', the stuff that seals (force fields) and imagined weapons are made of. In its natural state it usually looks greyish-white and translucent, rather like ice, but people skilled at working with ryst can give it a different appearance. It takes maintenance to keep inert energy bound; when a force field is not maintained it reverts to anea and dissipates.
'inert matter', the stuff that things are made of; the state that hayen reverts to at death. Sein is the natural state of matter.
'gifts', 'powers', the ability to use your anie to perceive, communicate, or manipulate; collective plural of semsen 'a specific gift'
(v) to perceive with the mind, (n) the ability to perceive with the mind, psychic gift, psychic perception
'gifted person', someone capable of using his or her anie consciously. The plural is semti.
'divine substance', the stuff the gods imbue people with to make them human. Usually perceived as golden light, like a very bright flame. People, being alive, sentient and partly divine, are made of hayen, anea and vurea.
'soul', the divine part of a person. Your vurie makes you yourself, the unique person that the gods intend you to be.