Every apprentice in the Guild of Anshen (and presumably in the Guild of the Nameless; according to Vauri all apprentices learn the same things) is taught to perceive their own and other people's anie. This is usually by sight, as a 'body' made of white light, taking up a little more space than the person's own body so, at rest, it extends about an inch around them in every direction.

Some people can perceive their own anie by touch only and feel, in Vauri's words, "the tingle of energies flowing inside and around" them without ever being able to see it. Usually they can perceive another person's anie by sight, but it takes a lot more effort than with natural 'seers'.

How to see inside yourself

Another lesson in early apprenticeship is to set up a 'safe place' inside yourself. This can be visualized as a house, a garden, a bit of landscape, a tent - whatever image of a safe and restful place comes most naturally to you. The image need not be visual: it can also take the form of, for instance, an area of warmth with walls of fire.

You can use this place to retreat if you want to recover your strength or pull yourself together; your teacher shows you how to shield it from intrusion by the image of walls, hedges, hangings, anything that appeals to your own symbolism.

It's also the place that others perceive when you "let them into your mind". This can be very surprising if you are let into someone's mind for the first time; not everyone's inside looks and feels the way you'd expect.

Cynla's 'inner place' is a walled garden or courtyard, cool and fragrant, with water everywhere: a fountain that sprays water over the cobbles, small rivulets running from the overflowing basin. There are orange trees spreading their sweet scent and small sounds that make it even more quiet than silence would. A bit of it is hidden by a thick dark green hedge with hard smooth leaves; not thorny, but more like miniature monkey-puzzle trees.