Valdyas is a fictional country in a fictional world. Ilaini is an invented language. I invented it for my own enjoyment and that of anybody else who enjoys it. It has no scholarly pretensions. Please don't make a fool of yourself by using my language pages for your linguistics case-work.
Hovin The hedgehog
Hovin tacrelea lea chylat. Polie lien cranin chazat, craninen so nutene samina fulat. Faren yat hovin nusie relat sami cranine da bodayt fere. The hedgehog looks like a little pig. On its back there are spikes, and with the spikes it brings fruit to its young. To this end the hedgehog rolls on its back so that the pieces of fruit stick to the spikes.
Hovin falean tay le mostat chalat, cholsen le modat, falan acul lea rhelyna naverat: cranin tynene sayali tynayt. When the hedgehog sees an enemy coming, it curls up into a ball, and that way the enemy can't pick it up: the spikes stick out any which way.
Hovean da bylay fere, dolhie brycha leduz folay ruzei gustinen so denay. To cook a hedgehog, make a crust of clay around it and put it in the embers of a fire.

Glossed text         ta.crel.ea    lea
hedgehog.nom-s DIM.pig.acc-s IMP seem.3s-PRS     lien 
back.loc-s 3sEposs-loc-s spike.nom-c be-present.3s-PRS

cran.inen   so  nut.ene     sam.ina
spike.ins-c and child.ill-p fruit.acc-c bring.3s-PRS

far.en     yat
goal.dat-s this hedgehog.nom-s backside.loc-s circle.3p-PRS

sam.i       cran.ine    da           bod.ayt       fere 
fruit.nom-p spike.ill-c in-order...  adhere.3p-PRS         fal.ean         tay  le
hedgehog.nom-s danger.Ag-acc-s when RFL get.3s-PRS see.3s-PRS

chol.sen           le
sphere.thing-ill-s RFL curve.3s-PRS          a.cul  lea   rhel.yn.a
danger.Ag-nom-s 3sE-O carry.NC.INF NEG.can.3s-PRS     tyn.ene  tyn.ayt
spike.nom-c direction.ill-p any.p.3N direction.3s-PRS

hov.ean        da          byl.ay      fere
hedgehog.acc-s in-order... cook.2s-PRS    brych.a     le.duz     fol.ay           
clay.ins-s shell.acc-s 3sE.around make.2s-PRS

ruz.ei     gust.inen   so  den.ay
fire.gen-s ember.ill-c and put.2s-PRS


Compare pol "upper side, animal's back" and nus "back (body part)" When something's back is on top, it's pol, when it's behind another part, it's nus.

cranin "spikes" is collective because it refers to the whole lot of spikes together, like "fur" would. The collective usually takes a singular verb.

sam "a (piece of) fruit", plural sami, sameni "pieces of fruit", collective sami, samini "fruit". The only indication that the nominative here is plural rather than collective is the plural verb bodayt "(they) stick".

falan "enemy" has the agent suffix -an, which merges with the case endings.

le mosta "to get oneself, to come"

rhela "to carry", rhelyna (with the non-continuous infix) "to pick up".

tyn "direction", tyna "to point in a (specific) direction, to stick out".

-y- in sayali is an anti-hiatus device.

leduz "around it", with the postposition duz suffixed to the pronoun.

I've glossed the imperatives in the last line as second person present, because that's what they are, there's no separate form for the imperative. This last line has the exact traditional form of a recipe: see Biryinin tacholsenan da folay fere.