Valdyas is a fictional country in a fictional world. Ilaini is an invented language. I invented it for my own enjoyment and that of anybody else who enjoys it. It has no scholarly pretensions. Please don't make a fool of yourself by using my language pages for your linguistics case-work.
Rychinin gylsin Book of animals
Amri alea lisin ili: farisin so rychin. All living creatures are of two kinds: plants and animals.
Farisin ni na rychat, ni na rastat. Farsinin chanie alenin haysen. Plants don't breathe, nor do they think. Plants have only a body.
Rychin yat vedin, estin, rachli, roshin so breishin, cys rastin. Animals are: mammals, fish, birds, insects and reptiles, furthermore people.
Rychinin, rastinin liz, aleinin haysen so anie, rychat so na rastat. Animals, except for people, have a body and a spirit, they breathe and do not think.
Rastin rychat so rastat; aleinin haysen, anie so vurie. People breathe and think; they have a body, a spirit and a soul.

Glossed text

rych.inin       gyl.sin
breath.Ag-gen-c write.thing-nom-c

amr.i      a.lea li.sin fari.sin          so 
live.nom-c p.3E  3N.thing-nom-c d.3N green.thing-nom-c and breath.Ag-nom-c

fari.sin          ni  na       ni  na
green.thing-nom-c NEG NEGV breath.3s-PRS NEG NEGV think.3s-PRS 

fari.sinin     hay.sen
green.thing-gen-c one.ins-s p.3Nposs.gen body.thing-nom-s         yat    rost.yin   so
breath.Ag-nom-c this mammal.nom-c fish.nom-c bird.nom-c bug.nom-c  and reptile.nom-c

besides think.Ag-nom-c

rych.inin       rast.inin      liz    hay.sen          so
breath.Ag-gen-c think.Ag-gen-c except p.3Eposs.gen body.thing-nom-s and spirit.nom-s       so  na
breath.3s-PRS and NEGV think.3s-PRS       so 
think.Ag-nom-c breath.3s-PRS and think.3s-PRS    hay.sen        so
p.3Eposs.gen body.thing-nom-s spirit.nom-s and soul.nom-s


farsinin: the weakest vowel is elided.

ni... ni... "neither... nor" doesn't obviate the need to negate the verbs.

alenin (inanimate) and aleinin (epicene), genitive plural of the possessive pronoun, "of theirs"; this is the Ilaini way to say "they have".

yat "this" serves as a colon, a marker for "here are..."

roshin from rost-yin. Individual bugs might be rostyin, but the assimilation is quite usual. Compare pishin from pist-yin "lice", specifically "an infestation of lice".

cys fossilised participle of cyna "to follow". This puts "people" in the list more or less as an afterthought. Note that rastin "people" are mentioned three times without saying explicitly whether or not they are also animals.

haysen is the physical body, made of hayen "living matter"; anie is the spiritual body, made of anea "living energy"; vurie is the "divine spark" that makes people human. There are two differences between people and (other) animals, vurie "soul" and rast "intellect".