Valdyas is a fictional country in a fictional world. Ilaini is an invented language. I invented it for my own enjoyment and that of anybody else who enjoys it. It has no scholarly pretensions. Please don't make a fool of yourself by using my language pages for your linguistics case-work.
Orla The eagle
Orla rachleni aleinin airenan sa orie. Inestyn lean abishi morchie seinena rhasena da chalet fere sudene hine tay lhonat. Tadashean sa tabedean ichinyinen rhela verat. The eagle is the ruler or grand master of all birds. Its eyes are so keen that it sees small things on the ground when it flies above the clouds. It can carry a lamb or a kid in its claws.
Orla tay ruve inestyn nashenesayt ibodhen so radhesayt. Gyrnei chazes lhonat gyrn ruzie nashean so radha da vilat fere. Farie morchen dogulynat shonie dofusten datay rodynat shonei brych gor so ochinynat. Acul orla hanie nusat. When the eagle is old, its eyes darken and its wings become heavy. It flies to the abode of the sun so that the sun destroys the darkness and the heaviness with its fire. Finally it makes a great fall until its beak hits a boulder and the hard shell of the beak breaks. This way the eagle comes back young.

Glossed text            rach.leni      sa
magic.bird-nom-s wind.bird-gen-p p.3Eposs.gen rule.Ag-nom-s or magic.person-nom-s

i.nest.yn   lean   a.bish.i     sein.ena    rhas.ena
d.eye.nom-s 3Eposs ground.loc-s thing.acc-p small.acc-p

da    fere  sud.ene     hine  tay
in order... see.3s.IRR cloud.loc-p above when fly.3s-PRS

ta.dash.ean     sa ta.bed.ean     i.chin.yinen rhel.a
DIM.sheep.acc-s or DIM.goat.acc-s d.claw.ins-c carry.INF can-3s-PRS            tay  ruv.e            i.nest.yn
magic.bird-nom-s when old.person-nom-s d.eye.nom-s NEG.light.INC.3p-PRS 

i.bodh.en    so 
d.wing.nom-s and heavy.INC.3p-PRS
gyrn.ei    gyrn     na.shean 
sun.gen-s abode.dat-s fly.3s-PRS sun.nom-s fire.ins-s NEG.light-acc-s 

so  radh.a      da         fere 
and heavy.acc-s in order... destroy.3s-prs    morch.en    do.fust.en 
end.loc-s ground.dat-s AUG.fall.NC.3s-PRS beak.ins-s AUG.rock.ill-s 

da.tay     shon.ei    brych.      gor.       so
to.when hit.NC.3s-PRS beak.gen-s crust.nom-s hard.nom-s and break.NC.3s-PRS

a.cul      magic.bird-nom-s young.person-nom-s back.3s-PRS


orla "eagle" has the root or-, here glossed "magic" but it's mostly used for very strong psychic power. (note: this is actually a straight borrowing from Church Slavonic, one of the very few words borrowed from real-world languages; it fit so well)

rachla "bird" has the -la suffix that makes bird names; it's literally "wind-bird". Presumably --I'm not sure-- rachla was the original word and -la is a shortening of it, making it necessary to reanalyse rachla itself.

inestyn "(both) eyes" and ibodhen "(both) wings" are in the dual; ichinyin "(both) claws" is both dual and collective because chinyin "claw" is already collective, from chinyn "nail, talon".

nashenesayt "begin to be dark", radhesayt "begin to be heavy".

ruz "fire" is the root form here, referring to the element itself rather than an instance of it (a fire).

orie "grand master", ruve "old" and hanie "young, adolescent" all have the -e suffix that denotes a person, or at least an animate entity.