Valdyas is a fictional country in a fictional world. Ilaini is an invented language. I invented it for my own enjoyment and that of anybody else who enjoys it. It has no scholarly pretensions. Please don't make a fool of yourself by using my language pages for your linguistics case-work.
Saulen The elephant
Saulen asel cul mych, astien do amoy. Fisen lean shelean lea chalat. Senena custa li ryshat. The elephant is grey like a mouse, but as big as a house. Its nose looks like a snake. It uses it to grab objects.
Saulin ruma pylayt. Nelie, tornie so dorie cul undin rumayt. Saulein radh falean pudie truda verat, saulen do rychinin alea adofalne. Elephants like to work. In foreign parts they work in building and on the land like oxen. The weight of an elephant can crush an enemy to death, but the elephant is the gentlest of all beasts.
Saulen chan rustei dolei irashen cronat. A single elephant eats enough bread for a village.

Glossed text

saul.en        asel       cul  mych        ast.ien   do  a.moy
elephant.nom-s grey.nom-s like mouse.nom-s house.abl but eq.large.nom-s

fin.sen           lean   shel.ean    lea
smell.thing-nom-s 3Eposs snake.acc-s IMP look.3s-PRS

sen.ena     cust.a   li
thing.acc-p grab.INF 3NO use.3s-PRS        rum.a    pyl.ayt
elephant.nom-p work.INF like.3p-PRS     so     cul   rum.ayt
foreign.loc-s build.loc-s and farm.loc-s like ox.nom-p work.3p-PRS 

saul.ein       radh         fal.ean    trud.a
elephant.gen-s weight.nom-s enemy.acc-p crush.ins kill.INF can.3s-PRS

saul.en        do  rych.inin    a.lea
elephant.nom-s but animal.gen-c p.3E  p.AUG.gentle.nom-s

saul.en        chan      rust.ei     dol.ei        i.raich.sen
elephant.nom-s one.nom-s bread.gen-s village.gen-s d.six.thing eat.3S-PRS


The word saulen is not exactly a borrowing, but a faint echo of Russian slon.

fisen "nose" with the root fin "smell, scent" and the -sen "thing" suffix. Literally, the thing you smell with.

nelie "abroad, in foreign parts" is the locative of nel "foreign", used as an adverb.

pudie truda "to kill by means of a crush"

adofalne: the generalising prefix a- and the augmentative do- together make the superlative.

irashen, also iraishen, "a dozen", "a count of twelve", used as "enough, sufficient".