Valdyas is a fictional country in a fictional world. Ilaini is an invented language. I invented it for my own enjoyment and that of anybody else who enjoys it. It has no scholarly pretensions. Please don't make a fool of yourself by using my language pages for your linguistics case-work.
Tilyase The vixen
Tilyase veden rastyn. Rhudien le murat runie lhaye, zine na rychat. Docrazli so rachli herni lye docrona tay le mostayt, alea ferynat so vilat. The vixen is a cunning beast. She lies down in a furrow seemingly dead, doesn't even breathe. When ravens and other birds come to devour her, she jumps on them and destroys them.
Farinies, tilense lone tay arlat, tili chenyen zylayt so ichanayt. In spring, when her husband the dog-fox exists, the foxes dance and couple in the grassland.
Mygein ilie can tatilina moch sa ran lea nutat. Tatili tay salnayt chenyis lastenen dir parinayt. After half a season a litter of four or five cubs is born. While growing up, the cubs play among the grassland flowers.

Glossed text

til.lyas.e      ved.en      rast.yn 
fox.woman.nom-s beast.nom-s clever.nom-s

rhud.ien  le     lhay.e
cut.loc-s RFL lie-down.3s-PRS dead.nom-s left.adv

zine na
even NEGV breath.3s-PRS           so         hern.i and wind.bird-nom-p other.nom-p 

lye do.cron.a   tay  le  most.ayt
3F when RFL get.3p-PRS

a.lea    so
p.3E  jump.3s-PRS and destroy.3s-PRS

farin.ies    til.ens.e     lon.e        tay
spring.loc-s spouse.nom.s when exist.3s-PRS

til.i         zyl.ayt  so  i.chan.ayt
fox.nom-p dance.3s and

myg.ein      can   ta.til.ina    moch sa ran  lea
season.gen-s half.loc-s after four or five IMP bear.3s-PRS

ta.til.i      tay  saln.ayt         last.enen    dir   parin.ayt when mature.3p-PRS flower.loc-p among enjoy.3p-PRS


Tile is the only animal word in Ilaini (that I know of) with different forms for the male (tilense) and the female (tilyase), as well as the plain undefined fox (tile).

Lhaye "left(-handed)" is used for "not for real", even though there's no stigma on being left-handed.

Mythology has it that the dog-fox only exists in spring, when vixens want to mate.

Tatilina "fox cubs" is in the collective because it refers to the litter as a group; tatili in the last sentence is plural because it's the individual cubs playing.

Parina: "to enjoy oneself", "to have fun".