Valdyas is a fictional country in a fictional world. Ilaini is an invented language. I invented it for my own enjoyment and that of anybody else who enjoys it. It has no scholarly pretensions. Please don't make a fool of yourself by using my language pages for your linguistics case-work.


The old woman without a stick

An attempt to do without 'without'.

The people who didn't go to the market

Refuting the claim that it's impossible to say "All of us aren't going to the market".

The prince who turned into a frog

Exploring different ways to express princes turning into frogs.


All texts are in Ilaini and English.

Biryinin tacholsenan da folay fere

A recipe for nut balls, tried and tested.

The Charter of the Guild of Anshen

With a short explanation. And here is an extensively glossed version.

Esh Mailei Hallei rainei lhayi gylsinin

The story of Grandpa and the Dragon from the Book of Halla's Left Hand. Illustrated!

Tainene Hestin Moch

The Four Invocations of the Gods, a prayer for all occasions.

Muze, muze

A little ditty.

Rychinin gylsin

Pages from a bestiary.

And also...

Hanleni halsen - The Starlings' Song

A little folk song, translated into eighteen constructed languages as a relay, as well as into some more constructed languages from the original.