Valdyas is a fictional country in a fictional world. Ilaini is an invented language. I invented it for my own enjoyment and that of anybody else who enjoys it. It has no scholarly pretensions. Please don't make a fool of yourself by using my language pages for your linguistics case-work.
Biryinin tacholsenan da folay fere To make nut balls
Biryinan nestyenan sa hyrnena custay ali so myray az dayen sa sumen datay dayan hostea cul brythea lea chalet. Byren li denay. Cyne samina nadayenan crinena li denay so rustei so ostenin crosei ersinin irashean. Lhasea dilynay dustie sa chelie so carisinen. Ayali meray datay bruvie gori. Rhisay tacholsenan so folay. Take almonds or other nuts and grind them with water or wine until the liquid looks white like milk. Put it in a pot. Then put in dried fruit, cut up small, and enough bread crumbs and sponge cake crumbs. To make it taste good, add sugar or honey and spices. Simmer until it's nice and stiff. Let cool and make little balls.

Use ground almond paste (like peanut butter only made from almonds, from a health food shop) diluted with about double the volume of white wine. Bring it to the boil in a thick saucepan; the original recipe doesn't mention this, probably because whoever wrote it down assumes that simmering implies having boiled first. As soon as it boils, thicken it with fresh breadcrumbs and/or cake crumbs; if you started with half a jar of almond paste you'll need a good double handful. Keep stirring or it will stick to the saucepan. Flavour with demerara sugar, ground ginger and cinnamon. It's a traditional Valdyan sweet.

The text taken apart

biryinin  ta.cholsenan   da        folay       fere
nut-gen-p DIM.ball-acc-p in-order- make-2s-PRS -to
                         da V fere: "in order to V", "so that V"

biryinan  nestyenan  sa hyrnena     custay      ali    so  myray
nut-acc-p eye-acc-p  or other-acc-p take-2s-PRS P3pN-O and grind-2s-PRS
(eye-nut = 'almond')                            "them"

az            dayen       sa sumen      datay dayan        hostea
together.with water-dat-s or wine-dat-s until liquid-acc-s white-acc-s

cul  brythea    lea chalet
like milk-acc-s LEA look-3s-IRR
                Impersonal construction: lea is an "empty pronoun",
                only there because the verb needs a subject. The
                logical subject dayan is in the object form.

byren     li     denay
pot-ill-s P3sN-O put-2s-PRS

cyne samina      nadayenan crinena       li     denay
then fruit-acc-c dry-acc-p divided-acc-p P3sN-O put-2s-PRS

so  rustei      so  ostenin   crosei     ersinin     irashean
and bread-gen-s and egg-gen-p cake-gen-s crumb-gen-c enough-acc-s

                irashen is a numeral really; it means "a count of
                twelve" (raich "six" + -sen "thing", with
                dual prefix i-)

lhasea           dilynay      dustie      sa chelie
taste.nice-acc-s cause-2s-PRS sugar-ins-s or honey-ins-s

so  carisinen
and spice-ins-c

ayali      meray         datay bruvie          gori
everything simmer-2s-PRS until look.nice-ins-s stiff-nom-p

rhisay    tacholsenan    so  folay
cool-2s-s DIM.ball-acc-p and make-2s-PRS