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Andrew Smith

Ill gran ugell, can ys cant sew gantiwn;
Ugell lla afon, can ys erig' sew blyf in lla fryf;
Ugell lla gantiwn, can ys llodd llo h-ystuil di'll noeth
Lla gantiwn, affos llo rhewleir thud h-asculltant a lle.

The great bird, when he sings his song;
The bird of the river, when he ruffles his feathers in the mist;
The bird of the song, when he praises the stars of the night;
The song, then all the rulers listen to it.


IK gr@n UdZe:K k@n Is SEU g@ntiu:n
UdZe:K K@@vo:n k@n Is Eri:dZ sEU bli:(v) In K@ vri:(v)
UdZe:K K@ g@ntiu:n k@n Is Ko:D KO hIstui:l DIK no:T
K@ g@ntiu:n @fOs KO hrEUlei:r Tu:d @skUKta:n @ KE


a to
affos then
afon river (f)
asculltar to listen
bryf mist
can when, relative adverb
cantar to sing
cantiwn song (f)
erigiar to ruffle (which was the new word I had to find)
gran great
ill, lla, llo definite article: m, f, pl
in in
lle third person indirect object
lloddar to praise
noeth night (m)
plyf feathers (f)
rhewleir ruler (m)
sew one's own
tud all
ugell bird (m)
ys he
ystuil star (f)


S- soft mutation
H- aspirant mutation
r. - aspirated trill

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