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Irina Rempt

Hanleni halsen varyenan laynat
Daysinen verein idanla le listat
Havien hinla laziena forat
Culea rachleni arlea a chalat?

The song of the starlings speaks of heroic deeds
In the morning rain the heron does its laundry
In the night the lark worships the stars
Who sees the true nature of birds?

hanleni        halsen     varyenan          laynat
starling-gen-p song-nom-s heroic.deed-acc-p speak-PRS-3s

daysinen   verein        idanla      le  listat
rain-loc-c morning-gen-s heron-nom-s RFL rinse-PRS-3s

havien      hinla      laziena    forat
night-loc-s lark-nom-s star-acc-c worship-PRS-3s

culea rachleni   arlea       a chalat
who   bird-gen-p truth-acc-s Q see-PRS-3s

Grammatical terms

nom - nominative
acc - accusative
gen - genitive
loc - locative
s - singular
p - plural
c - collective plural
3 - third person
PRS - present tense
RFL - reflexive pronoun
Q - question particle

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