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Padraic Brown

y h-uchelcoises in ceint le tenne
li peidn l'ardhea im mys la munzien
y ghreidhes li uesvri in guthlych l'alodea
la canta 'na oreil lor ndeuor?

The Kernu translation is in a modern poetic form called, well I forget what it's called, but has only nouns the poetic rhythm of which is found in the variation of case within each line. What won't Bards think up next?

High things in song of bird
for coat of heron in dew a bathing
praises for night-sky in throat of lark
[this] hymn in ear of gods?

Christophe didn't receive an English translation (or even an interlinear), so had to do a Real Translator's (TM) job. He did get a grammar sketch, the poem as above, and interlinear notes telling him what cases the nouns were in. I was merciful in not giving him any verbs to deal with. :^)


alodea = gentle songbird
ardhea = a kind of long necked, long legged wading bird
canta (DAT, ceint) = song, sung speech, sung prayer, sung history
dews, dewa (GEN, deuor) = celestial being, god, goddess, hearer of prayers
greidh (ACC, ghreidhes) = thanks, praise
guthluccos (DAT, guthlych) = voice place, neck, throat
im, in = prep: in
l', la, le = art: of the
li = art: at the, to the, of the
lor = art: of the
munzi´┐Ż (ACC, munzien) = verbal noun: cleaning, purifying, laving, baptising
musa (DAT, mys) = dew, mist
'na = prep + art: in the
orels (DAT, oreil) = auditory appendage, ear, organ of hearing
pedna (DAT, peidn) = feather, coat of feathers, plumage, boa
tena (ACC, tenne) = diminutive avian animal, small nonpredatory bird
uchelcosa = high thing, esoteric topic or utterance, important speech
uesvoers (DAT, uesvri) = the Evenstar, the night sky
y = art: the

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