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from the Demuan relay translation

Sally Caves

Vaiua mohs'len farrandro lo pero perromas.
Etsa vaiua cel brihhtil-in lo nihhtrindel tanttamas.
Etsa vaiua rinil ilvaz farrandro htinddeles.
Etsa htindro aid ouaned ev taso rando lises.

A large bird henceforth will make its ancient song.
Said bird in a mist its feathers will it dance.
Said bird of the nightsky henceforth will it sing.
Said song its hearing by each king gets.

Carlos Thompson translated the original Hanleni halsen into Chleweyish; so as one of the first members of the relay list I'd like to translate Fabian's Demuan into Teonaht.

However, I want it to have the same meter and rhyme scheme as my Teonaht translation of the Valdyan, so I've had to take liberties with Fabian's original. I've tried to maintain his sense of the "prophetic" in the word farrandro, which means "in the future," "forthcoming," "henceforth." And Teonaht, too, has the word "said" or "aforementioned" in etsa.

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