Hanleni halsen (introduction)

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Duke Keenan

New orthography:

Ou Chquiave

Egaidtierre ou chquiave pa.
Ciou tuidhe ou osque chefobe.
Ciou andhe ou sliath daue rande souplo.
Ciou rinntanst gl'aina?

Old orthography:

Oo Xkiuv

Egaedtir oo xkiuv pa.
Coo twidh oo osk xefobe.
Coo audh oo sliath daw rand sooplo.
Coo rintanst gl'aena?


ou definite article
chquiave starling song
egaidtir about hero's actions (eg about or concerning, aidtir the actions of heroes)
pa speaks
ciou in the (ciou in, ou the)
tuidhe rainy morning (tu rainy, idhe morning)
osque heron
chefobe cleans itself (che it, fo self, be cleans)
andhe night
sliath little lark (slia lark, th small, little)
daue to the (da to, ou the)
rande stars (-r- plural, ande star)
souplo prays
rinntanst birds' heart (-r- plural, innt bird, anst heart)
gl'aina who really sees? (gl' from gle who, ai from aidh really, truly, na sees)

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