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S�h Cpätem

Jogud s�h cpätem af hamajtve� tĩdĩ.
än ajarsoki rächi sfo� fifud krik.
Enävis meltad zo harspu ti�nala.
Hir spächud särej än vurakem cherzĩ?

The Starlings' Song

The starlings' song speaks of heroic deeds.
In the morning rain the heron washes itself.
In the night the little lark prays to the stars.
Who really sees into the heart of birds?


af (with genitive:) from; (with accusative:) about, of
ajarsi morning
än (with dative:) into; (with locative:) in
cherza heart
cpät starling
enävis in the night
fifud to wash
hamajtever heroic
hars star
hir who
joguz to speak
krik heron
meltaz to pray
rächi rain
särej really, truly
sfo� reflexive pronoun
s�h song
spächuz see
ti�na lark
tĩd deed
vurak bird
zo to, towards

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