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Melleg nos i Leiron

Agaeth hoegin llaern, cawro mellegad nos i'leiron
es hygrad no herodd nardelchar nenarad,
es thawrnad teger meddron eluid,
bawl lui nachen tili nathad nos i nerid?

The Starlings' Song

about heroic deeds the starlings' song does speak,
in the morning rain the heron is washing,
in the night a lark worships stars,
canst thou though see the nature of birds?

agaeth hoegin  llaern cawr-o     melleg-ad no-s i'leiron
about  deed_PL heroic speak-3rds song-DEF  of   the starling_PL

es hyg(e)r-ad  no herodd nardelch-ar nenar-ad
in morning-DEF of morning wash-3rds  heron-DEF

es thawrn-ad teg-er       meddron elui-d
in night-DEF praise-3rds  lark    star_PL-DEF

baw-l    lui nachen til-i    nath-ad    no-s i   neri-d
can-2nds thou though see-INF nature-DEF of   the bird_PL-DEF



hoegin lenited plural of sawgen "deed"
mellegad definite form of melleg "song"
leiron lenited plural of gleirnach "starling"
hygrad definite form of hyger "rain"
herodd morning
nenarad definite form of nenar "heron"
thawrnad spirantized form, definite form of tawrn "night"
meddron lark
eluid plural definite form of olo "star"
nathad definite form of nath "nature"
nerid plural definite form of nare "bird"


cawro elided 3rd singular present cawror from coeri "to speak"
nardelchar 3rd singular present of nardelchi "to wash"
teger 3rd singular present of tegi "to praise, worship"
bawl 2nd singular present of bawna "to be able to"
tili "to see"

Other words

no/nos of, (provokes lenition), -s form used in front of vowels. In "Modern" Nindic, the noun it governs takes i if it is definite and not the definite suffix.
e/es in, (provokes spirant mutation), -s form in front of vowels.
i definite article, in some circumstances. (provokes lenition)
lui thou
nachen though

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