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Vul vampin dittahuot le htindro 'mai htindel.
Aid fimuol le nosoyt celil tyeldov 'mai mindel.
Vul liliht nittilvan le nyalyt 'mai hre;
Ma nemral ilid vaiuan kwa'r fepon celkke?

The starling's song sings of adventurous deeds;
The heron washes its clothes in the gentle rain;
At night the lark prays to the stars;
But who can see into the heart of birds?

vul vampin dittahuot le htindro 'mai htindel
about deeds of starling the song HAB. sings

aid fimuol  le  nosoyt celil  tyeldov    'mai  mindel
its clothes the heron  in the gentle-rain HAB. washes

vul liliht  nittilvan le  nyalyt 'mai  hre
At  evening stars     the lark    HAB. worships

Ma  nemral ilid   vaiuan kwa'r     fepon  celkke?
But heart  of the birds  what INT. person into-sees?


aid, "its." Possessive genderless pronoun.
cel, "in"
celkke, from celkkerem, prep. cel + kerem, "see." "See into, sees through, observes wisely."
dittahuot, di genitive particle + tahuot. i.e., tahuot's. Note: this word goes with le htindro and not vampin.
fimuol, "clothing, apparel."
htindel, from htindelrem, "sing(s)." Subject is htindro.
htindro, "song."
hre, from hrerem, "worship," "pray to."
ilid il (objective def. art.) + id, genitive particle "of the."
kwa'r, a contraction of kwa "what" and hdar, interrogative particle. So: "what...?"
kwa'r fepon, "what person?" i.e., "who"?
le, agentive subject article: "the."
liliht, the night that is early. The witching hour. Taken from the demoness "Lilith."
ma, "but."
'mai, contraction of omai, the habituative aspect part. + ai, "it." "it (habitually) verb."
mindel, from mindelrem, "dip into water," "rinse (clothes), baptize."
nemral, "heart," "soul," "substance," "true nature (of something)."
nittilvan, "stars." From tilva with prefixual plural particle.
nosoyt, "heron."
nyalyt, "lark."
tahuot, from dittahuot: "starling." Literally: "noisy bird."
tyeeldov, a compound of tyeel, "rain," plus dova, "gentle." The compound is often used to describe the soft rainfall that occurs before dawn; sometimes dew.
vampin, plural of vamp, "heroic gestes," "adventures."
vaiuan, plural of vaiua, "bird." So, "birds."
vul, "with respect to," "concerning." Also "at," when used of temporal concepts, vul liliht, "by night/evening."
vul liliht, "by night."
vul vampin, "concerning vampin."

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