Yes, I need a new map. Cartography isn't my forte, and my ideas of where places are have been refined in the course of writing and roleplaying. But this is, until further notice, the one I've got.

Map of

For some idea of distance: it takes two days to travel from Turenay to Veray on horseback, and about two and a half weeks from Valdis to Veray.


Rizenay, which is at the latitude of Vienna and Seattle, has a sub-arctic continental climate, like St. Petersburg. Valdis, at the latitude of Venice, Portland and Toronto, has a temperate continental climate, like Vienna. The climate of Ryshas, further east and slightly further south, is milder still. Essle, at the latitude of Istanbul and Philadelphia, has a very wet mediterranean-type climate, like Venice.

To find the climate of Istanbul one has to go south across the ocean to Iss-Peran. At the latitude of St. Petersburg there's only the Northern Highland (Hinyas Havin): the world where Valdyas is had its latest ice age not as long ago as ours.

Descriptions of places

Only a few important towns, villages and castles are on the map; here's an extensive gazetteer of places.