Turenay, Dochein hanre, seventh week of Mizran

Done travelling! Much has happened, and I didn't have time to make many notes, because I have spent the nights writing a long, long letter to my beloved lord husband.

Staying with me in our house are Cynla, Khisif, her children Jilan and Lédu -- and Arvi of course, who is very happy in her own room with her own things. I have started working again, so I will need to make notes of cases, and there is a lot of book-keeping to do, also planning.

And I have got a letter from Aidan! Such a sweet letter, I was so happy! This morning I saw Orian's horse munching oats out of a pail in front of Raisse's house, so I knew he was back, and I went in to meet him. I cannot believe it was only the second time I've seen Raisse since coming back from Selle's village! I must re-instate my custom of saying good-night to my Raisse, as a daughter should. Orian told me Ceti's Arin had also returned and that he had a letter from Aidan with him. I ran away, so fast that I very nearly lost one shoe!

And yes, he had a letter! I read it eleven times, and then once again, before going to doctor Erne to help her out in the afternoon.

Aidan is so much the very best husband I can imagine! He has even become friends with the insufferable prince from Solay -- and he sends all the girls who follow the army and want to sleep with the Prince to the Prince of Solay, so his presence is good for one thing at least! And, having spent the afternoon with Erne and learned about some proclivities of some men that are not even in the lists of allowed proclivities (like beating a woman -- hard! -- and what pleasure can there be in that?) I am so happy my Aidan is not at all like that, but clean and takes his pleasure in proper love.

I miss him! I cuddle up against everyone I know to share a little warmth and get a caress here and there, but it is not the same.

I have to note this: last night I (and Lyse's apprentice Halla) have become journeywomen! At the doctor's meeting, Airath was chosen as the new dean, instead of Rayin. I also told everyone about Raisse's academy in Valdis.

I now have a beautiful piece of parchment that says in very nice letters that I am a doctor's journeywoman with a seal and everything. I will very carefully keep it in the chest with my Iss-Peranian marriage presents. And my name is in the big book that contains the names of all the doctors and midwives of Turenay and goes back two hundred years. It feels like being part of a noble family -- or maybe something like that. It is hard to explain and I have to get used to it. I wonder how many years until I will become a full doctor... Rhanyn says nobody has gone from floor-sweeper in the hospital to journeywoman in less than a year, but I cannot help it that I find most things so easy! I must guard against becoming proud or over-confident, though, since there are still many simple things that I know nothing about and there are also many spiritual things I never learned anything about because I left school too early.



Money is very complicated now that I am not poor at all anymore. My ship, in which I invested 190 riders at the cost of 10 for the Temple has returned me 2100 riders. I must do the following things:

All in all, this should come to about 1600 riders: that will leave me 500 plus what I still had left (should ask at the temple how much that is!), which should be enough to get the weavery going, and pay for unforeseen expenses. For rebuilding the house of Tylse, I will not reserve money. Either we will be richer still from prince Attima's ship, or I will sell some more jewelry. Besides, Aidan might come back from the war laden with gold from Solay, because Solay has always been famous for its riches, and it will be good for his pride if he can pay for the building of our, and our children's, house.

I really should pay back Aldin, the Mighty Servant of Essle, the value of the pendant he gave me when I seduced him, but I will do that when the money from Prince Attima's ship comes. I'll treat myself to something special with it. Maybe a new notebook? Or another pair of shoes, red if Rovan the cobbler has red leather. Or maybe really bright yellow! I would love that! I would brighten up the dreary winter, and I can use pattens to avoid getting them all muddy, I learned how to walk in them before we went to Valdis. We have been having very dry, sunny weather though, hardly cold, since I came back to Turenay.

(And haven't I changed! I would not have dared accept money when I came to Valdyas, though I still intend to earn enough from bath house, weavery and trade so I don't need to ask patients for money. But all Valdyan journeymen and women receive this pay, so it is fair I should get it, too.)

Things to do and things done

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