Turenay, Naighei Hanre, seventh week of Mizran

Life is getting normal again! I have made good progress with all the things I need to do, I have worked with doctor Jeran for another day, seen many of the people I needed to see, I have done ordinary apprentice-work in the hospital, and I have even had the time to visit Raisse to kiss her goodnight every night since I last wrote in my notebook! I think that this is what pleases me most.

It is a bit of a pity that the one night that I was looking forward to a quiet evening and, most of all, eating the dinner Arvi had prepared, Lord Radan and Halla invited me for dinner, but it was a very pleasant evening nonetheless, and Kheti and Arin were present, too. Arin had met Aidan in Essle and could tell me all about my husband. But though I sated my curiosity, I took care that there were other things spoken of at dinner.

The other evening, Raisse invited me for what called the "Grand Masters' meeting". I was quite anxious, but it was much the same as the doctors' journeymen's monthly dinner -- just be together for some food and drink, and casual conversation about what is happening in the Guild.

I was present, Raisse, Orian, Leva and Riei. And as a guest, Khisif. I did put in that I felt I should go back to school and learn many things. I know I am a very good doctor, or at least, becoming one. But there are so much I do not know about semsin. Leva agreed, but said it would be best to do that after I had become a master in the Doctors' Guild. Or wait for a year, at least. I think Leva is very wise. I would not have the time, anyway.

Leva has told me she would allow me to temp (as I think the expression is, I have heard the nurses in the hospital use it, unless it has to do with ascertaining whether a patient has a fever...) for Erne. She says that being a journeywoman means I should be able to do the work of a master, while still having someone to ask the things one doesn't know.

Last night, Cynla came home very late, I was already in bed and almost asleep. When I cuddled up to her she told me she had met a journeyman brewer. She confessed she drunk too much beer with him and confided in me that she had been kissing with him on the bridge.

I was too sleepy to really think about this until the morning, when I awoke her by sitting down on her belly and tickling her. There is, after all, only one brewery anywhere in the vicinity, if you don't count alehouses where they brew their own beer. And that's Gralen!

I asked Cynla the boy's name, and he is called Torin! I think I remember him, he is Lady Rava's youngest sister's middle son. So, he is related to us by marriage, and if Cynla would marry him, she would be my third cousin thrice removed (for I have married Aidan, whose brother has married Raisse, whose mother's sister's son might marry Cynla!

But Cynla had too much of a hangover to actually follow my thoughts, and I told her to take a bath. She was even too hung-over to actually eat her breakfast!

I think I am getting confused by the days, though. Let's see:



Tomorrow afternoon I will go with Jeran and Ruyin to the weaving workshop near the South Gate and see whether the looms are in good order. Jeran is going to find out how much money one of the special looms for weaving very thin linen will cost.

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