Turenay, Donanei hanre, eighth week of Mizran

One very difficult case today, and I spoke to Bashi, the Síthi midwife. I will first note down the difficult case.


The other thing that happened today, apart from healing a multitude of silly craftspeople who should know better, but are lazy about being careful in their because they know the doctor will visit, was our visit at the end of the day to Bashi, the Síthi midwife.

I told her I was very proud and pleased that she did call us in when the birthing of Hatti was so troublesome, and that there was much we could learn from each other, for which purpose the Guild of Doctors and Midwives was instituted. (I also think that it helps with keeping unskilled people from practicing, but I did not tell her that. Her skill is, of course, not in dispute!) So we invited her to come to our next meeting, which is soon, before the festival of Naigha, and become a member, and also her mother, who is the other Síthi midwife in Turenay. Other than Kancho, they have no doctors.

She did very graciously promise to come, but was also worried about the guilds. Would her husband need to join the Tailors' Guild? I think he should, at least as soon as he starts to sell to anyone who is not Síthi, but I do not know the Valdyan law. It is a law that says that craftsmen and women must be member of a guild. There is a guild, I think, for every trade but whore, stone-fetcher or sweet-water fisherman.

In any case, Bashi's house is like the Temple of Dayati (oh! I had wanted to go there and pray, but forgot, since I felt I already had been to the temple!). She has many children of her own, as well as orphans, staying with her, and the children bring their friends. I felt so happy in her house...

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