Turenay, eleventh week of Naigha

As I am writing this, I am sitting once again next to my beloved, sleeping lord husband! He is back from the war -- wounded in his very first battle. The wound was very bad, but the princess Raith (whom I will meet shortly) asked Naigha to let my lord husband live, and since Naigha owed Raith a favour, Aidan survived. The Gods truly are wonderful! (I am not sure what Raith did, but according to Naigha, Raith, while in mortal danger herself, set free the souls of hundreds of children that were being used by Khas mages to form a seal or a wall. If this is true, then Naigha truly ought to be grateful to Raith for all of Raith's life!)

Leva has given me the week off, I only need to come in in the mornings to visit my patients, the afternoons are for Aidan -- until the Festival of Timoine, in fact. He is still very easily tired, so I let him sleep in the mornings, and when I come back, I rub his wound with almond oil and we make love and then have breakfast. He wants to visit all his friends in Turenay.

Also, he is now almost properly the captain of the regiment of Turenay, since poor Master Jilan died. Sergeant Lyase does not want to be a captain and do all the paperwork (she wouldn't be able to, she is so untidy she would be the despair of Arvi! Fortunately, Aine is, while a proper hard worker, just as untidy, and they work together well. So Aine can stay with Lyase, and since Lyase cannot quite afford a maid for day and night, I pay her salary while Lyase takes care of food and lodging. Aine wasn't happy at all with the silversmith.). So my lord husband has the task of putting the regiment of Turenay together again, with such veterans as have returned and want to stay with the regiment. About half seem to want to, which I hadn't expected.


Things to do

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