Turenay, Anshein Hanre, first week of Timoine

I have been in Valdyas for over a year now, and it is almost exactly a year ago since I started my apprenticeship with Leva and Lyse! I have turned 15, too. I have changed so much that I almost don't recognize my handwriting in the first of these notebooks -- let alone the thoughts! What I feared has come about: Queen Asa has become a stranger to me. I have become so Valdyan, but as long as Aidan still loves me, I do not care all that much.

The most exciting thing that has happened this week was the arrival of Ghamri. Zahmati and Roushan sent her in answer to my plea for someone to teach doctor Torin all that is known in Iss-Peran about the healing of teeth. There are now three doctors in the hospital! Leva, Torin and Ghamri, an apprentice -- Faran, and a journeywoman, me. I must order my thoughts and set this down on paper in a clear order.

Ghamri is of the same age as Dimani. Her owner had two other women slaves who also worked on people's teeth for him; she was chosen by Zahmati and Roushan perhaps because she was the prettiest (since I had asked for a pretty woman hoping that she might please Torin more), or because she was the best, or because Zahmati and Roushan knew that Dimani was living in Turenay: Ghamri and Dimani turned out to have grown up in the same household. Ghamri's father had to sell her when he lost his fortune, while Dimani went on to become a merchant. Dimani and Ghamri were very happy to be with each other again, and Ghamri will live with Dimani, at least for the time being. I do hope Torin will fall in love with her, though, so when we went to the baths I spent some extra effort making her as pretty as possible before returning to the hospital. Doctor Torin only noticed she didn't look as tired as when she arrived, though, he may be hopeless, even though High Priestess Senthi told me he knows well how to please a woman.

In any case, she came to help the people in Turenay and share her knowledge with us. Ghamri has been trained as a doctor and knows most of the Iss-Peranian remedies. She is gifted, but has escaped becoming a dandar, fortunately. She told us her skills with teeth are outstanding, which pleased doctor Torin a lot. However, she doesn't speak any Valdyan. I introduced her to Senthi, and Senthi will teach her Valdyan in the evenings. I will take her on my rounds for some time, to show her the town and to teach her Valdyan, too. That way she will learn very fast, I am sure of that. Tomorrow we will start!

Things to do


There are also many people I have treated in the hospital and in town, but there have been no cases that involved anything I did not know yet.

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