Turenay, Naighei Hanre, eighth week of Timoine

I am bored! The past weeks have been very exciting, but now, now I haven't got anything left to do but sew baby clothes from the scraps Riei gave me. I'd never have thought I'd find sewing and embroidering boring, but I have changed! Dear sister, I must be boring you with my everlasting complaints about not recognizing myself anymore! Lyse assures me all women who are pregnant of their first will start feeling like this. I'm full, more than full, I'm tired and I am fed up! I want to see and suckle our daughter, I want to dance, I want to be able to have Aidan inside me again, and not just with his spirit -- and I want to go home! And I don't want to be tired all the time anymore, it's worse than the time I was laid up with exhaustion in Raisse's house.

But let me carefully think back to my last notes, about seven weeks ago, when we were on our way to Selle. I will first note down the important cases I have had since, and then make notes about our house and businesses, following up with notes on my friends, so your scatterbrained, silly, stupid (I feel so dumb now! I cannot read anything the least literary anymore!) sister won't forget about all the important things that have happened that she was too lazy to write about.


Aidan is so good -- not only brave and kind, but he desires to fulfil my every whim. So when I mentioned my desire to visit Selle and see her daughter, Aine, when we were at Lady Ryath Hayan's with Erdan, the messenger of victory Athal had sent, he immediately said that we would go there, and even offered to ask Leva for permission, but that I did myself, and I got permission without fail, also because Leva wanted me to take Khisif, Jerna and sweet little Halla with me back to Turenay. So we went there after I had my afternoon helping the sick and wounded of XXX and Lady Ryath's manor.

We were eagerly awaited by Rovan's father and people from his village before we arrived at Tal-Valein -- they must have travelled quite a bit to see us without meeting us in Tal-Valein, since their village is between Tal-Valein and Khisif's village, if I remember correctly. They were very happy, since they had already had Rovan's letter, and were quite proud of him. Rovan's father was a bit grumpy when I told him about Rovan's girlfriend, Amirthi, but after I told him about her, he became even a bit proud. And we still haven't made him leave his Guild, which surprised him. (And me, honestly!) Also, Leva was there, my dear friend from the mill, the dumb, ugly, spiteful girl who becomes so lovely and nice when you treat her right -- she actually isn't as poor as she was anymore, because it's her mill, and it's being used by all the villages in Lord Arin's domain.

Selle's baby is so sweet! She's very small, little Aine, but Selle is as small as I am, so Selle was very torn. As noted above, it's a good that when I had read Selle's letter I had gone through the herbaries to find a salve, frightened as I was (and am!) for myself. Selle and Arin are so happy -- as are Arin's parents, and his mother, Aine, asked me to paint her face again, which I did, so they have a very good night together again. Aine's Síthi maid, Taruni, hadn't come to Tal-Valein, since her family in Turenay had needed her for some thing -- probably also the birth of a baby, though not the maid's.

When I had my special morning in Selle's bed, when the men had gone out hunting, Selle allowed me to hold Aine, and when I felt her little body, my breasts went all hard -- I wanted to write firm, but that's not strong enough a word and I just asked Aidan and he says that my breasts are always firm anyways -- and the same for my belly! It was very uncomfortable, but Selle only laughed and told me I would feel that from time to time before giving birth, and indeed, it has happened at other times since then, though not as strongly. Aine also tried suckling on my tits, and now I know that this is something the smallest baby is more in than the strongest man! And I have a strong man to compare Aine to!

After we had returned with Khisif from Tal-Valein, we had another guild meeting of the doctors and midwives' guild. We have them quite often now, because we there are so many new apprentices (though the midwives have the majority of them, we only have Faran) and new doctors, like Ghamri. Khisif was present, too, since she acts as doctor in Selle's Arin's domain. Now that Rayin is no longer dean, disputes about boundaries are past, and we can speak of interesting things, like cases or generally important things like the food shortage, which people tell me is worse than last year. I think I remember that last year there was still some dried beef to be had, as well as sausage, and that there were more turnips and dried peas. But last year, Raisse fed me, and this time, Arvi feeds me, and I seldom go to the market any more. But my poor patients all look thin. I keep writing this down, I see, now that I read what I have written, but it worries me so!

Maybe that is part of being nearly done with being pregnant: over-worrying. Selevi tells me that in her last month she always starts worrying about how Geran, her husband, can provide for yet another child, but it always works out, the eldest is now apprenticed to his father, and the second one with another copper-smith.

More tomorrow! I am now tired, very tired, and I want to join Aidan tomorrow when we make the rounds of the widows and widowers of Rhyn's regiment.

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