Turenay, Hanre Donanei, twelfth week of Anshen

I will be a journeywoman! I will be a journeywoman! When we come back from Valdis, Leva will take me to the guild and register me as a journeywoman doctor! I swopped with Kancho today, so I went the rounds with doctor Jeran, quite an ordinary round, but very nice all the same, and I learned a lot about certain herbs and about the paste Kancho had prepared for stiff muscles. When we came back to the surgery, there were quite a few patients waiting for us to open up.

I asked them who was worse (instead of who had come first, which is in the first place not that important, and in the second place, always gives squabbling, while nobody wants to claim they're worse than the others). Everyone pointed to a woman who was holding a little boy of about six on his lap. He had an awful tummy-ache, she explained, from eating to many unripe green apples. I think my spirit already tried to warn me then, because I remember a feeling of acute alarm. So I took her and her son in first, before the others.

One look with my spirit while doctor Jeran was washing his hands was enough -- this was acute appendicitis, just like with Faran, the boy from the Temple School, only way more acute. So I warned Leva with my spirit, called out to doctor Jeran, held the boy in my arms and started to run to the hospital, his mother running with me.

Of course that was silly: I should have engaged the service of someone strong with long legs, so half-way I was exhausted and had to hand the boy over to his mother, but then we went on.

It was quite a fiddly, complicated operation, since he was so small and so sick. Leva took care of the fever, while I made the cut, all by myself! And I removed the appendix, which was so tiny, and still so clearly the origin of all the misery. With the seals I had learned from Lord Vurian I kept the blood from the wound, and then I closed the the gut, the belly and everything very neatly, also with my spirit, using hardly any yarn. He was so small and soft and pliant! His body complied with my spirit without any resistance. There was no fever any more, and nearly nothing to see either, when we put him down to rest in the children's room. His father is a baker, and he has an elder brother. The boy's name is Arin.

Leva was too tired to notice, and so was I, but when I came home, Aidan immediately grabbed me and congratulated me -- he had to tell me I had become a master in the Guild of Anshen! I have spent only about eight months in Valdyas and about seven in Turenay, and I'm already a master! Of course, I was something very akin to a Master back home, too, only in the art of seduction through the spirit, which I recognize now is very similar.

Whether I make water boil, set fire to small, innocent trees, apply warmth to ease the tension from hard-working people's muscles or make everyone in love through inadvertently kissing Aidan with too much passion and too little circumspection, it's the same thing.

But I immediately went to show myself to Raisse, and she was very proud! Now that I am a master, I cannot wait to see the Queen again, and show myself to her!


Also, among my cases: tonight the stonecutters came to be inspected. The majority was hale, but about a dozen need treatment and a good talking-to. There are two special cases:

So, tomorrow, after the service we will leave for Valdis, after all... Lady Rava had some of her daughter Erlyn's clothes altered for me, so I have something decent to wear at court -- we are of the same height, but she hasn't filled out yet. And Ayran Brun and Alyse will guard us: Raisse was very insistent that we not travel alone. And since I could borrow Erlyn's clothes, I needn't spend my nights sewing clothes, and could give Selevi the multi-coloured cloth I'd woven as a token of thanks for taking care of all the children that hang around the hospital because their parents are ill.

Of all the people I am leaving who are in the hospital now (and I will be sure to take my leave of them all tomorrow), nobody will, in all probability still be there when I return:

Oh, I am so angry! I have just taken my leave of Erne, and her young man has deserted her! She happened to be tired one night and not in the mood for dancing, and instead of being nice to her and bringing her something to drink and make her comfortable he told he didn't want to be her servant and left. Now Erne is once again alone and more bitter than ever! If I ever catch that worthless man, he won't know what hit him!

Quick note: before we leave. Ruyin, our neighbour, who had been paid by Lydan in Veray to spy on us, no doubt for Koll Konandé, was caught by Alyse when he and his wife made to leave Turenay. He belongs to the Deceiver, she doesn't. But he was trapped in a most awful seal, really awful, it had succeeded in hiding him from Raisse for months! But we took it off, easily. Being a Grand Master in the Guild makes that easier, it seems.

It turned out that, although they really want children, his wife, Valyn, never conceived. This was because of that filthy seal, that kept all the life in his loins, letting only the substance out. But when I visited them this morning, just before leaving, I could see my treatment (that is, removing the seal and telling them to lie together at least twice a day) had been succesful, since she was pregnant!

They now have to go to their guild master, that is, Serla the weaver, which they had by Lydan's orders failed to do. But the followers of the Deceiver have to come to the local dean on arrival anywhere. This may give complications, but I will not be there to help them. And that is not my duty anyway, so I have introduced them to Aldan, the stonecutter, who seems nice enough, and he has promised to help them.

Also, they will try to deceive this Lydan into thinking that I have not left Turenay.

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