Turenay, Dochein Hanre, beginning of the seventh week of Anshen

These are my notes for the past days.


On Timoinei Hanre, I swapped with Kancho and went with doctor Jeran. It is very easy to talk with doctor Jeran, also about personal things. I took him some fresh ginger that was ready to be planted, and he was very pleased. I noticed that Kancho was bringing a present for Leva, too, but I do not yet know what it was, although I am curious, of course.

In the morning, doctor Jeran makes a round of the work places in his quarter, in the early afternoon he sits at the entry to the free bath (I am so very proud of that idea, so many people make use of it!), and in the afternoon he holds surgery. These then are the cases I treated with doctor Jeran:

That evening, though Doctor Jeran had invited me and Aidan for dinner, we declined, and went with Ayneth, Jichan and Lara to eat in the Tin Tankard and then to the Unicorn to dance. Not counting the celebration after the fencing match, nor the night we went to the river, this was the first chance for Aidan and me to go and eat out and dance since before I had to keep to bed with exhaustion. I also danced with Ayneth, so I could speak with her about woman's things and ask her about her lover, who is still in Iss-Peran, but she had not received more news. Aidan invited me to sit on his lap after dancing, which he has never done before, and which I enjoyed very much.


I was called away, though, by Lyse, because Maile was going to give birth to her son. We spent the rest of the night with Maile and Mernath.

It was very good to see Mernath and Maile so very happy, but when Mernath told me proudly that only now he felt really a man, I became very sad and went home. I have even forgotten my scarf and jacket at their house (I must go and see them and retrieve them, because I need them before Anshein hanre). Fortunately, I only met the night watch man, and I already knew him, since his daughter once came to us with an infection of the eyes. Aidan did console me in my sadness, and then we slept, but almost immediately had to wake up again. I had even forgotten to undress or to remove the paint from my face, so the sheets were all colors in the morning and my best skirt (the white one) was all crumpled from sleeping in it.

More cases

For that morning, I had to go to Lord Vurian's lessons, and because I had only slept an hour or so, I was very grumpy and inattentive. Arvi wanted me to wash with cold water, to wake me up, but I was annoyed enough that I tried to heat the water with the power of the spirit, in which I succeeded, to my surprise. When I arrived at the hospital after the lessons and the noon meal, it turned out that there was an emergency going on: I wish Leva had called me away.

The house they were building near the South Gate, where we had made a safety inspection, had burned down because someone had upset a pail of boiling pitch, over the fire they were boiling it on. We had seven casualties: five married men, a married woman and a young man called Eldan. The young man was burnt worst, but all had bad burns, and most had complicated fractures too.

This took all afternoon, and at the end of the day, I went to the Temple School to tell the children of the builders there that their fathers and mother were safe and not dead; Senthi offered to send us two apprentice priestesses to work as night nurses, and also more apprentice priestesses to help out now that we have lost Selle and Maille as nurses.

When I came back the hospital was full of concerned wives, children and the single woman builder's husband. Arvin the foreman's wife works in the weavery near the south gate and she wasn't allowed to leave her work and see whether her husband lived, so I talked to Raisse who will talk the dean of the weavers' guild. As Raisse said, she has rights, too. (I always thought Raisse was also the dean of the weavers' guild, but she isn't.) I also quickly checked Raisse's guild books while she was away, then went back.

I took all the children, which were twelve, home for dinner with me while their mothers treated their fathers. We had, fortunately, enough soup with vegetables and sausage, and enough eggs for pancakes for everyone. The children had been very frightened, but the meal did much to restore their composure and it was, in fact, very nice to have so many children at our table. Aidan was a bit surprised when he came in from school, though. Arvi took the invasion in her stride, and afterwards, when I had two sleeping toddlers on my lap, she had four willing helpers to do the washing-up.

But great gods, I was tired! I just made a last round to check whether the night nurses had arrived and then took Leva home to give her some food, since she hadn't eaten. There was soup left over, and I went to Raisse and Hinla to borrow some bread and wine for Leva. While she ate, I washed myself and when Aidan came back from fighting, I put on his shirt and my knit stockings and nestled myself comfortably against Aidan's side while he and Jilan (who had come for a visit) were chatting. When Leva wanted to go home, Aidan had to walk with her, since she was as tired as I am, has a stiff leg and had three cups of wine on top of that.

When he came back, they went on chatting, but I feel asleep with my head on Aidan's lap and only woke up when Jilan (whose wound from Veray is completely healed now) had gone and he wanted to go to bed. I was too tired even to make love -- but Aidan was not disappointed, only held me close, and I was off again.

More cases

On Dochein Hanre, that is today, we went to the school near the North Gate, where King Athal has been a pupil of the master who still teaches there, with Rhanyn, Kancho and Torin, to see all the children. All the children of all ages are in a single room, and he teaches all sixty together. But he is a good teacher, and takes his children to swim to the bath or the Mill Pond, when it is very warm, and in the afternoon we had a very nice chat with him in the Síthi bath and afterwards in an inn, where we drank some wine. His wife works at the Temple of Mizran.

This was a very easy day: there were not many children with lice, about half a dozen have to come to visit doctor Torin this week to have their teeth seen to. There was one special case:

The other people at school are very nice to him and do not think he has been touched by a curse from the gods, and help him at the noon meal with eating and so on. (He can eat by himself, but often drops his cutlery and isn't a very clean eater.)

When I investigated him, I had to hold him very firmly, and his reaction made me feel sure that he will be very happy if he can find a nice girl who doesn't mind his body doing its own thing: in some respects, the automatic reactions of his body are just fine, for some purposes.

Since there were about a dozen children (this time I made all the children write down their names, and I made notes about them next to their names), whose parents couldn't read or write, I promised them I'd try to get Lady Rava begin an evening school for illiterate parents, so I visited her (and had a chance to have Halla again, for a while), and put the proposition to her. Lady Rava agreed as to the usefulness of this idea, and said she would undertake the lessons, two evenings in the week. I also told Perain about Aldan, because Aldan truly has a talent for numbers (he does the bookkeeping for his parent's candles-making workshop), and with Lord Vurian having interests everywhere, he would be well placed, better than in the Temple of Mizran, where priests have to dine out and be hospitable and so on.

Last note: tomorrow I will visit Ehituwa for Kancho, who, fortunately, has fallen in love with Anju, the middle daughter of Ehituwa. Her looks at him in the bath house have given me the impression she returns his feelings, but the customs of the Síthi are more strict than the Valdyan customs, and since the doctor is an important person among the Síthi, this needs to be done properly. And if Kancho has a fiancee, Aidan will no longer have any need to feel even a little jealous.

Oh, and Kancho tried to become apprenticed to the Síthi doctor in Veray, but that doctor had already so many apprentices he couldn't use another one.


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