Nanei hanre, thirteenth and last week of Timoine

Yesterday the third and the second class fought. In the morning I treated seven people who had been hurt. The first difficult case was Jichan, who had a cut across his hand that was impossible to close with thread, so I had to do that with my mind, but the wound was very difficult and I had to bandage and splint his hand so he would not be able to move his fingers or his hand. The second difficult case was a boy whose opponent had cut him in the leg, just below the leather jacket they wear when fencing. This was a deep cut and needed more than just my mind, and I neatly sewed him up. However, he could not walk any more. His fiancee was close by, fortunately, and she fetched a wheelbarrow to bring him home in. Not the method of transportation I would have selected, but she is a builder's apprentice, so she knows how to handle heavy loads.

Alyse got hit on the head by a man named Aldan who had received Lord Moryn's sword in Nesh; she was merely very bruised, but I could help her with that, a little, like I did with Doryn. Aidan and I did have lunch with this Aldan and his fiancee, who is a woman even prettier than I am, called Halla.

We did rather like each other: we both have a Síthi grandmother, and both our grandmothers are called Dushtan (as was my mother, called Dushtan, not Síthi, of course). Halla is tall and slender and has black frizzy hair, but she is as pale as I am, which still isn't very pale compared to Aidan, and she moves with more grace and assurance than I do. But then, she is at least three years older.

Halla actually coaches her Aldan for the fencing matches and she can bear to watch him fight. I couldn't: I made sure I didn't see any of the fighting all morning long, and when Aidan was fighting, during the first fight I merely closed my eyes, during the second fight (which was against Aldan, but Aidan won, even though he tells me that Aldan is actually going to be much better, as such things are counted among fencers) I accidentally wrapped myself in a very strong seal -- and during the third match, which Aidan lost, though fortunately was only nicked in the cheek, I fell unconscious. Three times! I was so ashamed -- and it must have been very hard for Aidan to give his best when he knew that I was so afraid and childish.

Raissei Cora

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