Mizrein hanre, third week after the festival of the Most Holy Goddess Dayati, on which Khora celebrated her fourteenth birthday.

My Sister, today Jeran died. He reminded your humble servant so much of her late husband, but only because he looked nearly as old and had a very friendly expression. He lived long enough for your humble servant to learn to like him very much, and long enough for him to learn to like your humble servant enough to let her share in his inheritance. Forty riders he gave your humble servant, to do some good with. It is very strange, for your humble servant has been given to understand that Valdyan men only have one wife at all times (and your humble servant is properly thankful for this custom since she cannot imagine sharing Aidan with anyone else), but on his death-bed he was visited by three of his wives, all already attired in proper mourning. One of them must have been -- not seventy years younger, like we were -- but at least forty years younger than her husband!


My Sister, today your humble sister also spent overmuch time in the lessons with the gracious master Aylin because your humble servant discovered when not paying any attention but dreaming about Aidan that she felt her anie to fit her like a well-made robe -- a feeling that was much the same to the way we felt when we were an untrained toddler, when we still lived in our Father's Palace. Upon asking the mighty enchantress Raisse, she opined that this is good and that your humble servant should investigate further.

This lesson made your humble servant be late for her work in the hospital, and late for taking leave of the departed Jeran. However, there was much work to do in the hospital since the scaffolding of a building site had come down, and one man was severely wounded and may have to lose his arm. Another man, the father of the baby Arni who was born from the woman Sedi and who gave us beer when we visited for the name-giving was also wounded, but not as much. We took care of him and then spent time making the herb-room tidy.


In the evening of this day, My Sister, Aidan went to fight in the School for Fighting (which strangely enough is not dedicated to the God of War as the School for Semte is). The wonder-working doctor Leva took me to the School to stitch up anyone who would get wounded (because this was the first day the pupils would fight with sharp weapons.) Your humble servant did stitch up a young man who, your humble servant fears, very much fell in love with me at first sight, even though your humble servant had to hurt him badly. Next week he will visit the hospital and your humble servant will be allowed to exercise her skills in removing the stitching thread from his wound. Oh, my Sister! My beloved lord and master fought most masterfully, but when I kissed him, the master Jilan saw me and told us that this was not allowed and also that it was improper. We did walk to the bridge, though, where kissing is allowed, but did not stay for too long since my beloved lord and master had to finish his treatise on the stars.


The mighty enchantress Raisse, having spoken to the gracious master Aylin about your humble servant being "too open" has given your humble servant a most powerful piece of cloth, infused with strong protections. Your humble servant has decided to always keep it with her.

Timoinei hanre

My Sister, how could your humble servant ever have been so dim to think she loved her beloved lord and master so much it could not be any more? Instead, her love for him has doubled (even though he nearly dropped your humble servant into the river on hanre nafur). This day your humble servant took her beloved lord and master to the wonder-working doctor Toryn who is powerful against illnesses of the teeth (and who wants your humble servant's tooth that was repaired with the drop of gold when your humble servant was eight that is loose and should come out soon) because her beloved lord and master was clearly in pain from toothache, but didn't dare to go himself. This, your humble servant believes, is frequently so with men. Your humble servant did gently chide him at breakfast for his lack of boldness, which apparently was a very Valdyan thing to do, and for which she was complimented.

When making to leave the hospital, the wonder-working doctor Leva took your humble servant to the builder Aldan and showed her how to enter the wounded arm in the spirit and use the spirit to repair the bone and muscle. This is very hard work, but it is more beautiful than anything else, except for my beloved lord and master.


My Sister, the heroic Maile is a very good woman and an excellent wife, but she despairs because the Valdyan people do not recognize what it is that makes for excellence in a wife, so she told your humble servant, and she suffers much from not being understood by anyone but your humble servant.

In one respect she fails: it is true that obedience to the wishes of a husband and to revere one's husband as a god is the sign of excellence in a wife, but at the same time it is a wife's proper duty too, to provide guidance for one's husband.

We went to the market to buy her linen for new shifts, and then visited her husband the hero Mernath, who is so weak and wounded still. But Maile and your humble servant made him come out of the house and sit outside in the spring sun, which did him much good. (Today, hanre nafur, we went again and found him sitting at the table, trying to cut bread for himself. This is a good sign.)

There being not much work in the hospital that afternoon, just making beds, cleaning bed pans and reading to the children in the children's ward (the girl with fever in the head is much better and could sit up), your humble servant, my Sister, went to find her lord and master to ask of him something which the gracious teacher Aylin had suggested, namely going round in spirit in the spirit of your humble servant to determine which parts are to be protected against unscrupulous spiritual invaders. My beloved lord and master graciously consented to help his humble servant and also showed her his spirit-place, which is like a forest that is going to sleep for the winter. Also, he found something about us, namely a place sacred to the most holy goddess Dayati where everything is as it was before we became the bride of a king. Your humble servant is not sure what to do about this and beseeches the help of her Sister in thinking about it. It is a curious thing which your humble servant does not yet understand, that she feels she has grown more and more in love due to this visiting-in-the-spirit of each other.

My Sister, your humble servant is ashamed to admit that all this spirit work was too much for her weak and miserable self and that she fell unconscious. Working with the spirit is very tiring! The mighty enchantress Raisse deemed it unwise that your humble servant would go to the school of war to see her beloved lord and master fight, and instead sent your humble servant to bed. Your humble servant wishes she would not be alone in bed (except for the cats, of course) for six days out of seven! But her beloved lord and master visited your humble servant when his fighting was done and gave her his shirt to sleep with. The scent of her beloved lord and master sent your humble servant to sleep immediately.

hanre nafur

My Sister, My beloved lord and master blushed very handsomely when he saw his humble servant wearing his shirt today, and when we walked to the bridge his passion seemed to have grown too, so he had to let go of his humble servant, which was a pity since your humble servant was so very content to rest in his arms. But tomorrow night your humble servant will be all his again. Unless Lyse needs her.


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