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Chiao Tai

Chiao Tai
    visits a courtesan.

Chiao Tai visits a courtesan.

Name Chiao Tai Occuption Assistant
Age 35 Background Unknown military

Physical attributes Mental attributes
Strength 11 Willpower 10
Dexterity 12 Intelligence 9
Constitution 11 Mental Fitness 9
Physical Speed 12 Mental Speed 10
Size 12 Learning 9
Comeliness 10 Reaction speed 11

Sight 11 Taste 7 Touch 7
Hearing 10 Smell 10 Intuition 12

Fencing 17 Boxing 15
Archery 14 Hunting 10

Description Weight Value
No particular possessions    


Chiao Tai once was an officer in the Imperial army, but his superior officer sent him and his men wilfully into certain death. He was the only survivor and became, embittered, a brother of the green woods, until he met Judge Dee.

Always a tragic figure, he's never in luck with the women he falls in love with - but he shows great taste in that respect. He likes his cup of wine, but will never become so boisterously drunk as Ma Joong.

Chiao Tai is a fine fencer, boxer and archer, a great huntsman and very handsome, and rather more intelligent than Ma Joong.


© 1999 Boudewijn Rempt - Optimized for Lynx. Illustration taken from The Chinese Gold Murders.