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Judge Dee

Judge Dee and Sergeant Hoong

Judge Dee and Sergeant Hoong

Name Dee Jen-djieh Occuption District Magistrate
Age 41 Background Tai-Yuan

Physical attributes Mental attributes
Strength 10 Willpower 12
Dexterity 10 Intelligence 12
Constitution 8 Mental Fitness 12
Physical Speed 9 Mental Speed 12
Size 11 Learning 12
Comeliness 10 Reaction speed 11

Sight 9 Taste 10 Touch 10
Hearing 9 Smell 8 Intuition 12

Swordplay 15 Bare-fist fighting 12
Customs and language of the underworld 10 Medicine 8
Law 12 Literature 10
Ancient folkloristic customs 6    
Horsemanship 8    

Description Weight Value
Sword Rain Dragon    


The Judges most famous possession is the ancient sword Rain Dragon, which has been forged by Threefinger in the remote antiquity. Judge Dee is superior to everyone in all mental respects. He solves his cases by a combination of skillful reasoning and powerful intuition. He is rather proud of his fine beard, which he is given to stroking. Although a good and experienced fighter, he's not the best.

The Judge has been known to make errors of judgement, and can be overfond of one theory to the exclusion of other possibilities. He is permanently overworked and catches a cold rather easily.

Judge Dee has made a special study of the customs of the underworld, medicine and of course law and literature, as required by all Chinese officials.

He is a large, imposing man, broad shouldered, with a fine full beard. He has three wifes, who form a harmonious household. His first is a noble lady, his second a dear but rather uncultured woman, and his third is miss Tsao, a learned and artistic woman he saved in the Chinese gold murders and married at the instigation of his other two wifes.


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