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Tao Gan

Tao Gan in a Buddhist Temple.

Tao Gan in a Buddhist Temple.

Name Tao Gan Occuption Assistant
Age 51 Background Somewhere in the south

Physical attributes Mental attributes
Strength 6 Willpower 11
Dexterity 11 Intelligence 10
Constitution 8 Mental Fitness 9
Physical Speed 7 Mental Speed 11
Size 10 Learning 9
Comeliness 5 Reaction speed 9

Sight 8 Taste 9 Touch 11
Hearing 8 Smell 7 Intuition 10

cheating at dice 9 lipreading 7
false bookkeeping 8 Lockpicking 10
Finding of secret doors and panels 11    

Description Weight Value
Double-sided mantle (one side rich, one side poor)    
tinfoil bar of silver    
trick string of coppers    
Bag that can be made to look as if it contains books, or anything else    
trick dice    
expandable cap    
length of black, thin string    


Tao Gan is an elderly man, scrawny, very avaricious and not handsome at all. Before he met the Judge, he was in itenerant confidence trickster, before that he was clerk in a silk shop in the South of the country, but he had to leave when his boss took an interest in his wife.

He looks very innocent, but he is full of unsuspected clever tricks and disguises. A miser and a bitter mysogynist, a cheater at gambling, but still full of a wry kind of humour. He is as loyal to the Judge as the others.

He met the Judge in Mien Yuan.


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