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Sergeant Hoong Liang

Judge Dee and Sergeant Hoong

Judge Dee and Sergeant Hoong

Name Hoong Liang Occuption Sergeant of the Watch
Age 64 Background Tai-Yuan

Physical attributes Mental attributes
Strength 6 Willpower 8
Dexterity 7 Intelligence 11
Constitution 6 Mental Fitness 10
Physical Speed 7 Mental Speed 9
Size 8 Learning 9
Comeliness 7 Reaction speed 8

Sight 8 Taste 7 Touch 7
Hearing 7 Smell 7 Intuition 10

No particular skills      

Description Weight Value
No particular possessions    


Sergeant Hoong is the old and trusted advisor of the Judge. He was already a servant of the Dee family in Tai-yuan, and is the person who best understands Judge Dee. When delicate investigations must be undertaken, sergeant Hoong is the appropriate person.

He is old, not very strong and not a fighter, but in a society as fixated on age as an indication of trustworthyness as China, Hoong Liang is invaluable.


© 1999 Boudewijn Rempt - Optimized for Lynx. Illustration taken from The Chinese Bell Murders.