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Ma Joong

Ma Joong fighting with a ruffian

Ma Joong fighting with a ruffian

Name Ma Joong (often uses the alias Joong Bao) Occuption Assistant
Age 32 Background Kiangsu

Physical attributes Mental attributes
Strength 12 Willpower 8
Dexterity 10 Intelligence 7
Constitution 12 Mental Fitness 10
Physical Speed 10 Mental Speed 6
Size 12 Learning 5
Comeliness 9 Reaction speed 8

Sight 10 Taste 9 Touch 7
Hearing 11 Smell 12 Intuition 10

Boxing 17 Boating 10
Archery 14 Hunting 8

Description Weight Value
No particular possessions    


Ma Joong was the son of a junk owner in Kiangsu. He was strong, and enlisted in the retinu of the local magistrate when his father died. He fled because the magistrate was corrupt and became a brother of the green woods. He has learnt boxing with a good master, and is very proficient in it.

Ma Joong is an honest, enormously strong man. A great womanizer, drinker and fighter, but of a strictly average intelligence. He is absolutely, fiercely loyal to the judge.


© 1999 Boudewijn Rempt - Optimized for Lynx. Illustration taken from The Chinese Bell Murders.